Paula Ruane is a pioneer in stress prevention and resilience training 
She has helped clients from all walks of life prevent, manage and combat the debilitating effects of stress for over 15 years. 
As one of the UK’s leading stress specialists, Paula has developed effective, unique and proven stress prevention and resilience training programmes for individuals and organisations. Her unique resilience training and coaching is built on the psychology and physiology of high performance. 
Increase your energy, memory, mood and mental stamina 
There’s no talk-therapy, drugs or side effects. Just fast results and a more resilient you. 



Discover our fully tailored stress prevention training programmes. 

Our personal, professional and organisational resilience workshops and courses produce fast and effective results. We use a ground breaking 360 degree approach ABOUT US towards resilience training and coaching that firstly identifies what triggers your stress, then teaches you how to manage it. During your stress prevention training, you will also be provided with highly effective tools that can be used in any moment and anywhere. 
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Paula Ruane has delivered hundreds of talks, stress reduction workshops and resilience training programmes for many organisations. She also coaches individuals on a 1-2-1 basis. 
If you or your employees are struggling to manage stress in the workplace WORKPLACE STRESS, Paula will introduce you to powerful strategies that will leave you better equipped to cope with the demands of your busy career. And if you choose to undertake a programme at an,individual level, the benefits of stress reduction and resilience training are plentiful; you will typically have more energy, a better memory, reduced anxiety, increased motivation, and the ability to handle your moods more positively even in high pressure or stressful situations. Learn more about personal stress management here. PERSONAL STRESS 
Paula holds resilience training and stress reduction workshops in London and Colchester. She also offers in situ training and coaching at your home, workplace or office. 
Brilliant, insightful and informative 
I am calm and not anxious, thinking more clearly more easily 
Didn’t realise the connections with the brain 
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For more information or to book an introductory session simply contact 
Paula Ruane on 07803 072 101 
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