Exploring the Symptoms of Stress 
There's no reason why you shouldn't have a good amount of energy, a well-functioning memory and good motivation on a daily basis. But if you regularly feel sluggish, uninspired or overwhelmed, you could be suffering from the common side-effects of stress. 
We’ve listed the main symptoms of stress below - and it’s worth taking note of all of them. 
The Mental Symptoms of Stress 
Stress can affect your mental capacity quite significantly. When you feel stressed, you can succumb to: 
Poor focus  
Impaired judgement  
Seeing only the negative in situations 
Memory problems  
Panic Attacks 
The Physical Symptoms of Stress 
Chances are, if you’re suffering from stress, you’ll start to physically feel unwell. You’ll experience: 
Aches and pains (particularly in the back and shoulders) 
Digestive issues 
Feeling sick and dizzy 
Chest pains 
Affected libido 
Poor quality sleep 
Frequent colds and flu 
The Emotional Symptoms of Stress 
The emotional symptoms of stress can have a lasting impact on your relationships with your family, your partner, your friends and your colleagues. Stress may be a contributing factor to: 
Sudden mood changes 
Irritability and bad temper 
Can’t switch off 
Feeling overwhelmed 
Feeling isolated 
Feeling depressed 
Over a prolonged period of time, all of the stress symptoms mentioned here will reduce your happiness and leave your quality of life hanging in the balance. The only way to combat these mental, physical and emotional feelings is to take active steps to prevent and manage stress. 
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