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Remote working; How to avoid brain strain, energy drain and zoom gloom 
Have you wondered why, with less travel-time, less frustrations with public transport and/or parking issues, you feel fairly drained by the end of your working day? 
7 steps to stop brain strain below 
The overall impact of video calls and training has yet to be fully understood or studied but many of us can certainly feel it! Just organising a video call or being on one brings in a level of anxiety which is an energy sapper to begin with. 
Video calls require more focus and concentration than face-to–face meetings. We automatically work harder to process non-verbal clues like facial expressions, the tone and pitch of the voice as well as body language (difficult to judge on a screen). All these are essential for ease of comprehension. 
Managing the assimilation of information input combined with intense focus requires a lot more brain energy than before Lockdown. 
Apologies for the cynicism but Simon Cowell not using his mobile phone recently is like Gwyneth Paltrow saying that she doesn’t see the need for housework. Someone is doing this stuff for them. It would have been far more impressive if Simon Cowell had restricted the use of phones by his staff. “The 58-year-old said that he had become infuriated by industry meetings in which everyone’s eyes were glued to their handsets”. Him and me both! 
We're all irritated when we're with others and they constantly check their phones. It's rude, disrespectful and largely unnecessary. What is worse, most aren’t even aware they're doing it. 
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