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Very often, the thing we fear and have to deal with turns out to be the best thing that ever happened but it is hard to see that at the time. 
When facing change, we naturally go into a state of “high alert” meaning that our fight/flight/freeze system is working overtime. When this happens we produce chemicals which stay in the body and can cause long term chronic illness like cancer, stroke and heart disease. 
The impact on the mind and body can be feelings of tension, feeling on edge and apprehensive, excessive worrying, panic and expectation of the worst outcomes.  
We become anxious. We have known for many years that these negative and fearful emotions produce illness. Follow the link to the study and list of potentially stressful situations involving change and the results we can expect to follow. 
It's easier than ever to be fired up, wired up and tired out. Video meetings are a lifesaver in many ways but also an energy zapper. There can't be many who aren't thankful for the video meeting platforms - what a brilliant tool for all of us! 
But many are beginning to feel "Zoom fatigue". The downside of this is impacting us as much as the furloughing, tragic statistics and everything else which is part of the current emotional mix. 
What to do to stop yourself from feeling totally drained by the end of the working day? 
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