On Wednesday 5th September, Paula Ruane was one of the first speakers in a two month line-up at the Epson EcoTank Pop-Up in Covent Garden. 
In an hour, Paula delivered a talk 'Fitting it all in & making everyone happy" : Guide to a healthy work-life balance'. She covered some practical techniques and tools and modelled a real life experiment of what stress does to our body and how Paula's techniques combat it.  
During Paula's talk it was apparent that everyone who attended regularly have to cope with the effects of stress and do not neccessarily have the know-how to appropriately do so.  
The Epson EcoTank conducted a survey of Britain's freelancers and found that this style of working can also be a cause for stress despite its perks. 
There are over two million freelancers in the UK. While there are many benefits of working in this way, Epson's research has found that one in four of these workers experiences depression as a result of isolated working conditions. 
They found that 48% of freelancers find their work lifestyle lonely; a quarter of respondents have experienced frequent periods of depression, and 21% claim that the loneliness of remote working has caused them to have suicidal thoughts. The impact of isolation and loneliness on mental health is widely recognised and this is a problem Paula has often seen too. 
The EcoTank Pop-Up doubles up as co-working space for freelancers to use for free- there are power points to plug in, free refreshments and coffee. It's a great place for freelancers to come and escape the isolation of a home-office. 
Having spoke about the cons, we all know that there are highs to self-employment. When asked why they had chosen to freelance or work remotely, respondents said that a better work/life balance (53%) and greater flexibility (62%) were among their reasons; some said they wanted to avoid working in an office, which they found stressful (47%). 
We all know that trying to fit in family life with demanding hours of working for a company can feel impossible, if this is something that you are struggling or experiencing stress at work for any other reason, Paula's techniques and tools will help. Get in touch to book your discovery session to find your personal stress triggers and map a plan to get you to brilliant and resilient. 
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