1-2-1 Resilience Training  
A certain amount of stress can be good for you. It can help you remain focused and, in some cases, it can encourage you to perform better. 
But chronic stress can lead to panic attacks, reduced intellectual capacity and, in many cases, depression. When stress is inducing so much anxiety that it’s starting to have a negative effect on your career, your home life and your relationships, it’s time step back and take action. 
Paula Ruane can introduce you to tried-and-tested tools that can help you manage the pressure that you face on a daily basis. 
As well as group workshops and seminars, Paula Ruane also offers stress management training at an individual level. 
When you attend a one to one stress resilience session, Paula will quickly establish what causes your stress, and how you can reduce and manage stress triggers to achieve a better, more resilient version of you. Once we have analysed your circumstances and explored the things that make you anxious on a daily basis, you will receive a highly tailored management plan that’s been designed around your unique pain points, and you will receive ongoing support from a stress and resilience specialist who draws upon her knowledge of the latest techniques and technologies to help you handle the demands of modern life. 
Contact Paula to find out more and how to future proof your mind, energy and outcomes and book your one-to-one session today 
You can read more about the effects of personal stress here. 
To book one to one stress management training with Paula, contact us today. 
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