Are you frantically juggling your home and  
work life? 
Reducing stress and boosting resilience is essential in this high-speed world to manage workplace and other stress. Professional and non-professional women are experiencing a statistically higher than average level of stress today. We all know that stress makes us do and say things we don't always mean to; it ages us, stores fat and makes us ill. 
But have you ever wondered why stress has such a profound effect on your life and relationships? 
During this specially designed informational workshop series, you will discover what stress does to you physically and emotionally. You will learn a range of vital tools which will enable you to make a significant change to the way you deal with stress – not in time, but immediately. 
The workshops teach you how to increase your capacity to tackle and overcome challenges. You will be able to more easily identify and manage your own triggers and stress-related behaviours. Finally, they will equip you to maintain a calm yet alert attitude to support you with less wear and tear on your brain, your body and your important relationships. You will be able to future proof your mind, energy and outcomes. 
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workshop one: 

Increase your resilience and performance. 
If you find yourself constantly feeling anxious, chances are you have too much on your plate. This workshop will help you discover why you feel under pressure, and will help you discover how to press ‘pause’ on overwhelm. By the end of the session, you will have discovered how to boost your energy, think more clearly, and make better life choices. 

workshop two: 

Ground your reactions and responses. 
In the second workshop, Paula will teach you how to remain calm, alert and in control – even during long periods of high pressure. She will help you juggle your relationships with greater ease by fine-tuning your communication skills and prioritising the relationships that matter to you. 

workshop three: 

Learn how to thrive under pressure. 
During your final workshop, you will be taught valuable, highly advanced tools that will help you become more efficient and creative, both at home and in the workplace. Paula will also explain the importance of embarking on a digital detox, and how this can simultaneously reduce stress and improve your intellectual capabilities. 
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I am calm and not anxious, thinking more clearly more easily 
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