Proactively Preventing Stress 
Let's face it, Covid-19 has delivered the most devastating hit to businesses in living memory. As a business leader you will have been battling for survival while juggling the expectations of staff, suppliers and customers; working longer and harder for less results. Unless you have superpowers, you'll be feeling the effects of stress. 
And what about your teams? Many are faced with the challenge of adapting to working at home alongside home-schooling and childcare, managing the family's routines and demands while prioritising their work. Furloughed staff are feeling isolated and fearful that there will be no job to return to. These pressures drain us physically and mentally and, if unchecked, can lead to burn out. But now you can support your staff online 
Use my online programme to prevent home working negatively impacting your team and business.  

The Programme: 

This unique programme equips you with straightforward protection against the long-term effects of stress. 
The tools and techniques are incredibly simple to implement with immediate benefits anytime and anywhere. 
All you need to place you firmly back in control of any situation 

The Training: 

You and your team will learn to: 
Tackle challenges head-on 
Find clarity in any situation 
Reduce stress and anxiety 
Feel more in control 
Enhance mental and physical well-being 

The Outcomes: 

Improved communication 
Enhanced decision-making 
Increased job satisfaction 
Higher engagement 
Better results and higher employee engagement 
Increasing mental and physical resilience 
Brilliant, insightful and informative 
I am calm and not anxious, thinking more clearly more easily 
Didn’t realise the connections with the brain 
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For more information or to book an introductory session simply contact 
Paula Ruane on 07803 072 101 
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